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SEO Pricing FAQ

Here you will find the most common questions & answers designated for SEO Pricing & Package specially designed for Local, National & International targeted audience. If you have any questions, please contact us

You will definitely start to see results after two weeks of SEO implementation. We will also provide you, with our call to transparency initiative, Google’s search console reports. These reports are easy to read and understand. The reports identify the progress of your company’s current SEO rankings and performances.
We will provide you monthly reports, in which we will, with full detail explain to you what all the line graphs and statistical analyses mean for SEO. We will also provide you access to the Google’s search console dashboard, in order to see your company’s ranking progress in real time. If you are ever confused with any of the reports, call us, and our specialists will explain to you the analytics thoroughly.
We only offer white label SEO, and we will never, ever! Practice negative SEO. If you know what competent SEO work is, you’ll know that professional SEO practitioners will never break away from Google Webmaster Guidelines. Breaking Google’s Webmaster Guidelines will seriously have a negative effect on your SEO rankings. By practicing black hat SEO practices, you could easily get booted off of search engine rankings and indexes.We will always, and ethically, protect our clients' search engine rankings and their company's reputation. We will never practice or approve of black hat SEO.
Local listings are a valuable online tactic that helps you to be seen more often on the internet. It's also easy to obtain backlinks through local listings. backlinks through local listings can help your company’s search engine rankings on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). Local listings help to increase your chances of visibility.
We will utilize the best keyword options for you, and include them with tactical approaches to heighten your on-page SEO factors, and to optimize your website's crawlability too through on-page SEO practices. Having an amazing, user-friendly website is important for SEO, but on-page SEO optimization done organically will help search engine robots and crawlers identify the relevancy of your website, in which Google’s search engine algorithm will dictate the importance and relevancy of your web pages to search inquirers searching on search engines. On-Page SEO explains to search engine crawlers why a web page or a file is important for specific keywords and searches done on search engine websites.
Content optimization is an approach to articulately modify relevant, unique, and amazing content to best drive traffic and conversions into fruitful brand loyalists and continuous buyers. Content optimization is also more than just creating amazing content. It is also about getting that content sent across the digital world to your readers. Optimizing content with SEO will not only rank your content higher on SEO, it will also increase brand awareness of your business, and increase your website's domain authority too!
Backlinks are link from one website to another website. There are lots of factors that will affect your SEO, and backlinks are considered one of those factors. To this very day, backlinks are considered one of the more important factors to optimize to better your SEO score and search engine rankings. To increase your website’s relevancy, we will curate relevant backlinks.
Link building is a very important factor for SEO. But! It really depends on who is providing the backlinks. There are some factors that devalue a backlink. But! Having a backlink from a relevant website, with relevant, and good quality content is sure to help your SEO rankings.
Blogs and articles posted are a very useful and multi-purposeful implementation in the digital world. You can obtain backlinks or do external link building with them. Not only are blog posts and articles useful for link building, but they can generate buzz all over the digital world if the content resonates well with readers. Posts are great for multiple reasons, and if they are optimized for SEO, given that their content is related to its relevant keywords, it will lead to increased search rankings for the posts in general, and your main domain name.
Yes, if you don’t already have a Google My Business account, we will set one up for your business that best meets digital marketing guidelines.
Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, is a set of web tools offered by Google, that helps us webmasters better understand the current indexed situation of all the websites we monitor and optimize. It shows the transparent view of your domain authority and your search results.
Google Analytics is a tool that can be used to help your company and business understand audience interaction with your digital presence. The data assembled will help you identify your audience’s demographics, geographic, interests, and more. It also helps to identify consumer behavior on all relevant digital platforms.
We will create for you your sitemap in an XML file that will include all your URLs (Pages, Posts, News, Images, PDFs, and other relevant files). We will configure the XML sitemap properly so that Google & Bing search engine robots can crawl your whole entire website when they first visit it, with ease. The easier to crawl, the better your rankings.
Have you ever dealt with a digital marketing, or SEO company before? When asking them what the results are for the week or the month, they show you weird line graphs, statistics and explain metrics that go over your head? Not with us! We make sure our reports are always understood. We’ll explain to you how exactly you gained your current results as of the moment, and explain how they will be improved, or kept at a steady pace for ranking #1 on search engines. We’re not here to confuse you, we’re here to give you what exactly it is you want, and we know that #1 spot on search engines is in the back of your mind. Don’t worry, we’ll show you the analytics, tools we use, and the results you are expecting to gain all organically too.
You’ll receive monthly updates of your current SEO status. We pride ourselves as a company that offers transparency to the growth of your search engine rankings. Our monthly reports will keep you updated frequently. The reports will show your search engine rankings per keyword, and what we need to do in order to better your local SEO initiatives.
You don’t need to sign any agreements for a long-term contract. You can cancel anytime you want to. Every month you'll be able to review your SEO rankings. This will help you to justify whether or not the returns are worth the investment.