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Facebook Advertising Process

We are the best Facebook advertising company to present a cost-effective opportunity for your business and to establish & maintain a successful presence on Facebook

  • Create A Campaign

    At first, we are going to develop a specific concept or theme that represents your brand. Then we will make creative content that supports your theme and create a campaign.

  • Develop Content

    To engage your audience with your brand, we will create innovative contents such as videos, podcasts, tweets, photographs, blog posts, status updates and so on. In this way you will be able to stay in the consciousness of your customers and prospects.

  • Manage Feedback

    Once consistently delivering interesting and useful contents, we will gradually start getting feedbacks from the audiences. Our expert team will make sure to manage all the feedbacks in terms of responses and topics relative to your brand.

  • Measure Results

    Since we are getting feedbacks and managing them, we also need to measure the results of our campaign. So we are going to gather, organize and analyze the informations on regular basis.

  • Analyze and Adjust

    The data we have gathered over time will help us to assess the progress and determine where we have excelled and where we need to improve. And finally you can see the result of your Facebook advertising to boost up and with more engaging audience.

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What Makes Us

Best Facebook Advertising Agency in Bangladesh?

SEO Audit Agency is the best Facebook advertising agency. We can reach the right person, at the right place with the right message.

We know social advertising and we know how to make a customer feel. We are passionate about creating engaging and exciting advertising with a legacy of producing results for our clients. We are promised to always do our best when it comes to your business.

So, we are the family of apps and services in creating Facebook advertisements to connect people with your business.

Facebook Advertising Pricing

We provide the most advanced methods to scale your advertisements, target right audiences, track your sales, mount your campaign to grow your business.

Facebook Advertising Content & Graphics Creation Service



Facebook page creation

3000 Tk

Facebook page logo design

1000 Tk

Facebook page banner design

1000 Tk

Facebook campaign boosting

750 Tk

Facebook content creation Graphics + Content

1500 Tk

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