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Local eCommerce business in Bangladesh can improve their search ranking easily by following the best practice of SEO and drive more quality & quantity traffic from local buyer to increase their sell & boos their online business. Learn how SEO Audit Agencies eCommerce marketing solutions can help your business.

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Total Keywords 12 20 35 50 80 150
Ideal for Niche national keywords Moderately competitive keywords Ecommerce websites, lawyers or surgeons Competitive industries like financial services & real estate Cut throat industries like gaming, pharmacy, loans, etc. Extended Platinum plan. Ideal for business looking for super aggressive work.
On Page Optimization Basic Basic Professional Professional Advanced Super Advanced
Conversion Tracking Basic Advanced Advanced Professional Professional
Social Posting Basic Advanced Professional Professional
PR Syndication Basic Premium Premium
Website Usability & Conversion Report Advanced Professional
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  • Paul Hebner Writer and Editor
    I’ve worked with Maqsood for more than a year at the Blackbird Group (acquired byf BeyondTrust) and during that time I could not have had a better partner. His expertise with web architecture, programming, and SEO optimization is most impressive and this allowed us to create truly superior websites and digital marketing campaigns. I recommend him with great enthusiasm.
  • Noor Eltahawy Digital Marketing for Advice Media
    Maqsood, is by far, one of the most inquisitive Digital Marketers you can find out there. He is also one of the most skilled I have ever meet in terms of the Digital World. He is a Web Developer, a Programmer, and now CEO of his own Digital Marketing and SEO Company. Maqsood is a Unicorn Employee as I use to tell all my co-workers when we worked together (Him being my mentor). When he needs to manage, he will manage the team and guide the team to digital success. When he needs to fix a website or a function of the website, he can do it personally. When it’s time to improve SEO rankings, he will optimize the SEO campaigns proficiently. When we need better Paid Media Campaigns or Social Media Campaigns, he will benchmark, then he will optimize those campaigns to drive traffic and results. He is capable of doing a lot of things, and that’s what makes him the Unicorn Employee I know him to be. He is not just inquisitive, but unique and organically grows as a Digital Marketer and a Webmaster. LinkedIn Profinder ranked him as one of the best in NYC, and that’s for a good reason. The fact he personally owns more than 1,000 keywords in Google search rankings is mind boggling to me. This guy can wear many belts, and not only that, he knows what he’s doing. It was a pleasure to work under you Maqsood, thank you so much for the advice and insight you have given me. It has helped me to become an even better Digital Marketer I could have ever thought of becoming. Thank you for teaching me, mentoring me, and opening my eyes to what true digital marketing is all about. Yes, digital marketing involves marketing, but it also involves becoming digital. Thanks for the help Maqsood. I know everything will be fine for you in the future. There is no reason to not hire a man with his capabilities. You’d be lucky to have him lead your digital marketing projects, as he is a man only driven by results that are organic.
  • Cassie.Y. L. Digital Marketing Strategist| SEO Specialist
    Maqsood is an amazing leader of our team who contribute a lot to our company. As a SEO strategist and digital marketing manager, he effectively manages the whole team and lead our team to complete projects. He is willing to takes over challenges and responsibilities, being able to work through problems and difficult situations. Also, he is a creative and dynamic individual with multi-tasking skills who has the ability to handle a high-volume workload. It is a pleasure to work with Maqsood during the past several months!
  • Lida Mooini The best things in life are free 🙂 Vastgoed
    Maqsood was recommended to me by a colleague to assist with a complex project for new clients that needed a solid experience to set the tone for our road ahead. His knowledge of SEO, in particular, is the best I have seen, and when combined with superbly creative thinking, he was able to move this project and rank my client when a larger agency failed at it. He is fantastic to work with, and I’m very much looking forward to the opportunity to work with him again soon.
  • Katherine Loffreto Marketing Manager at Koppert Cress USA
    Maqsood is an excellent Digital strategiest, hard worker, always looking the different ways to make his job better and helping others to understand all the little details about SEO.
  • Zack Smith✔️ Vice President of Business Development at Burgess Group
    Maqsood is genuinely a great at getting targeted leads to local businesses. His knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of search engine optimization are amazing.
  • Justin Rubim Senior Sales Associate at Lion & Foster International, Inc.
    I have worked with Maqsood on a couple of projects and he is always great to work with. He has such an easy-going personality and is absolutely fantastic at getting websites more traffic. If you need someone to help out with your business website you should give Maqsood a call.
  • Marian Bragg✔️ Director at ING Solutions
    Maqsood is a true leader in his field. His talents are multi ranged and he’s a kind of guy that really “gets it” when things really matter. Always professional to deal with and extremely helpful. He cares about his clients and his peers, always wanting others to succeed as well.
  • Johnny Lever CEO at Aggar Apparel
    Maqsood is very talented in SEO. The cutting edge techniques that he uses will do wonders for the online presence of any business. I am very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. When it comes to SEO, Maqsood is your man and i highly recommend him.
  • Katherine Reyes Mainframe Programmer
    Maqsood is a true professional when it comes to SEO! His comprehensive method on ranking websites is second to none and his service to clients is incredible. I would recommend Maqsood to anyone who would like to explode their leads and sales.
  • Jay Williams Medical Director at Orange Regional Medical Center
    A highly knowledgeable individual, Maqsood is the person you need to take your business to the next level. His dedication and structure puts the client first above all else. It is always a pleasure working with him!
  • Bridgett Adams {LION}✔️ Director Of Sales at American Express (New York Area)
    Maqsood is an SEO expert, having knowledge, skill and talent that keeps him on top of the latest Google algorithms so he can offer leading strategy to grow company revenue. He is a professional with passion and commitment to excellent work. I would highly recommend Maqsood to any company that wants results.
  • Nazpay Inc Administrator at NazPay
    Maqsood is a wonderful SEO specialist and individual. He exerts an immense level of professionalism in every project he approaches and is never afraid go back to the drawing board and start fresh. He has greatly improved my pay-per-click campaign and look forward to working with him in the future.
  • Power Wiz Owner at PowerWiz
    Maqsood is truly an innovator in online marketing. His level of understanding in search engines is above and beyond the average SEO experts. I would proudly recommend Maqsood and his marketing agency to anyone who wants to optimize their digital presence.
  • Gabrielle Olson Chobani
    Maqsood is very knowledgeable when it comes to SEO performance. He knows exactly how to drive the right kind of viewers to your page and how to keep them coming back. He works quickly and flawlessly. Highly recommended!
  • Roy Lopez Systems Engineer at NetWrix Corporation
    Having worked at the company for nine years, I witnessed the difficulties in maintaining our web presense as a well as to acertaining what was the return on that investment. Since Maqsood joined the company, I was able to see that we had a better web presense and his knowledge of the importance of Google search words, helped the company to better their search position. Additionally, I witnessed how through his can-do attitude, he fully integrated the web presense with Sales Force, ZENDesk and other internet marketing services. In my direct interaction with Maqsood, he proved himself to be a cooperative co-worker, always willing to help, while also providing good suggestions to tasks that he was presented with. I fully recommend Maqsood as a learned, online marketing manager…

Ecommerce SEO FAQ

Here you will find the most common questions & answers designated for Ecommerce SEO. If you have any questions, please contact us

Ecommerce SEO is a process & implementing the best practice to your website, specially in the products by following webmaster guideline to improve your search ranking in Google, Bing, Yandex or any other search eingine results page.
You will definitely start to see results after two weeks of SEO implementation. We will also provide you, with our call to transparency initiative, Google’s search console reports. These reports are easy to read and understand. The reports identify the progress of your company’s current SEO rankings and performances.
We will provide you monthly reports, in which we will, with full detail explain to you what all the line graphs and statistical analyses mean for SEO. We will also provide you access to the Google’s search console dashboard, in order to see your company’s ranking progress in real time. If you are ever confused with any of the reports, call us, and our specialists will explain to you the analytics thoroughly.

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